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  Below is a list of figure skating coaches that I have and/or still collaborate with. I typically serve as the choreographer in a coaching team with them.
The coaches listed vary from freeskating, dance or pairs specialists.
Elizabeth Manley Ottawa Canada
Robbie Kaine Philadelphia, PA
Ron Ludington Newark, DE
Stuart Bradley Wilmington, DE
Uschi Keszler Aston, PA
Suzy Semanick-Schurman Newark, DE
Barbara Roles-Williams Newark, DE
Scott Gregory Newark, DE
Pierre Panayi Plana, Texas
Nicole Dussault Aston, PA
Brent Bommentre Philadelphia, PA
Mojca Kopac Aston, PA
Jay Freeman Wilmington, DE
Oleg Fediukov Aston, PA
Jamie Burns Newark, DE
Kim (Natalie) Seybold Newark, DE
Sarah Weymouth Wilmington, DE
Alexandr Kirsanov Newark, DE
Jamie Burns Newark, DE
Debbie Koegel-Fediukov Aston, PA
Kris Shakarjian Hatfield, PA
Maude White Philadelphia, PA
Debbie Varner Newark, DE
Marcia Walkney Aston, PA
Chris Pottenger Newark, DE
Wendi Kelley Scranton, PA
John Thomas Philadelphia, PA
Chun Gung Lee Newark, DE
Maria Pocheykina Hershey, PA
Dmitry Ponomarev Newark, DE
Oleg Petrov Hershey, PA
Stephanie Turnbull Aston, PA
Tommy Kaine Ardmore, PA
Brian Helgenberg Newark, DE
Samantha Hunter Wilmington, DE
Jeff Czarnecki Wilmington, DE
Christine & Glynn Watts Cleveland, OH
Vincent Restencourt Aston, PA
Chip Rossbach Cleveland, OH
Jimi Lewis Philadelphia, PA
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